What is ASNA youth?

ASNA Youth is a program for children, teens, and young adults, ranging from 14 years of age and up, to help them get envolved with the community and explore their identity as Algerians. The program allows them to break out of their shells and suggest things that will help ASNA grow stronger. From organizing trips to places around the maps, to coordinating events, ASNA makes sure that the Youth have great experiences.

Register your child!

Click here to register with the Youth Program. Once the registration has been completed, if you or your child is under the age of 18, have a parent fill out and sign the consent form, found bellow. Please send it to ASNA's email: info@myasna.org

ASNA Parental Consent Template (doc)


Feeding Homeless 8/7/2017

ASNA youth and members have prepared and distributed more than 100 meals yesterday in the area of Journal Square, NJ, and Newark NJ.

Our association is working hard to make a positive impact in our community, and you are welcome to be part of this noble effort.